Do you really know the anatomy Of Muslim??

1. Forehead (Place of Prostration)
Im always late,not perfect :( but nevertheless I pray. May Allah accept my prayers...

2. Eyes (save it from haram things)
There is still dirt in my eyes ...everyday I go to University and see these "youknow" ...I try to lower my gaze but my Friends would consider me as "bajet baek jer" :lol:

3. Ears

I listen almost everyday the Quran ... But didnt know the meaning,but at least know im trying to knoe the meaning :)

4. Tongue (sepaks only what Allah swt pleases)

Im Human ... my tongue is not always good...i always said bad things..may Allah give us Taqwa!

5. Heart (full of belief in Allah)

Allah knows best what my heart contains but since I know call by his names I think my heart gets clean...and Allah knows best....

6. Muscles (fight against oppressor)

may Allah forgive us... today the Ummah has a disease ... inshallah we shall unite when Imam Mahdi arrives..NO NO NO...we should start NOW!!!

7. Stomach (fasts during ramadan and eats halal food)

my fasting is really depressing... I should make a list of my bad deeds...

8. Hands (gives charity and helps the poor - save it from bad deeds)

Alhamdulilah ... I hope Allah will reward me by spreading this islamic articles... and we should serve our parents whatsoever it costs.

9. Legs (uses to go for Pilgrimage)

I hope I can go next year to Mekka ... todays I use my leg for non worty stuff like Futsal and bowling :?

10. Feet (uses to go to mosque - Every step for Allahs cause is Jihad! )

When was the last time I went to mosque? ... one week ago :(

May Allah help us and give us taqwa ... we shall not forget that there is an army that wants our life... the army of satan..

Surah At-taubah:
Berangkatlah kamu baik dalam keadaan merasa ringan ataupun merasa berat, , dan berjihadlah dengan harta dan dirimu dijalan Allah. yang demikian itu adalah lebih baik bagimu jika kamu mengetahui.



latahzan_ikhsan said...

salam..wah,alhmadulillah..ini sesuatu yang bagus saudaraku..keep up ur work if you're able to bring peoples back to track(being create by our creator)

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