Best of Creation

I was looking for a Hero..
to admire and follow..
When I found myself in the Prophet's city..
And my journey toward Allah began.

The cool breeze of Medinah was like Da'wa..
Calling me, inviting me
To visit the Best of Creation..
I am not worthy of this blessing..
I tell myself again and again.

His conduct was the Quran..
And I am merely a stumbling..
Human embodiment of broken efforts.

It was a long road to learn this simple lesson..
The path to Allah is through His Prophet..
My journey towards You Allah..
Begins with the Seerah of my Hero.

And since I love you Allah..
I will follow Your Messenger..
I will love Your Messenger..
when I study his Life..
When I love his Life..
I will embody his Sunnah.

The Sunnah of the Chosen One..
The One who established the Din..
The Ambassador of Allah..
The Teacher,
the Warner,
The Exemplar,
The Best of Creation, Muhammad.

(Sallullaho'Alayhi Wassallam)


Is our Hero... Prophet Muhammad PBUH or all those artist the world crazily idiolize??
Prophet Muhammad is the best example in life...SubhanaAllah

believe me...
take a look at your artist..
the ones you proudly acknowledge and idiolize...
are they good enough of an example in life?
can they help you in the hereafter?
can they give you miracles (mukjizat) ?
are they complete with whats compulsory in their lives?
or just at the u all know..

A piece of advise from me..
proceed with the pondering, introspectively...
life isn't long.. even if it is lengthy...
the sins will just build, and keep on building...
happy pondering dear friends...

May Allah pardon us. May Allah bless us..


Lensa Daie said...

Kopi dan susu..sentiasa bersama..
so, copied and edited poetry...

Yg baik kita amal-amalkan..
yg buruk kita jauh-jauhkan..
Selamat beramal ^.^

uci ulala said...

life isn't long.. even if it is lengthy...
the sins will just build, and keep on building...

like that quote...made me teringat " nikmat maksiat akan hilang, tetapi dosanya berkekalan~~ solusi isu35" kinda pop up in ma head..^^ ~just sharing~

Lensa Daie said...

syukran atas perkongsian itu... ^.^

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